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Landon High School - 1956

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Jim Webb with 1957 Buick "Century" on Jacksonville Beach


Jim Webb's first Corvette - 1958 Convertible


Ned Searcy, Jr. (Landon '60) with his 1962 Corvette Convertible

This photo taken in Chattanooga, Tenn. in 1964


Lifeguards James Harrell and Joel Varn  

     Two 1956 Landon Grads swam in the 1959 American Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corp's Annual Ocean Marathon Race at Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  James Harrell, second swimmer from left, won 2nd Place, and Joel Varn, third swimmer from left,  tied for 3rd Place.  


1962 Jacksonville University Varsity Rowing Crew

1956 Landon Grad Art Lloyd is in the back row, far right holding an oar.


     Art Lloyd (far left) and Tony Fekany (2nd from left) doing KP Duty while attending Summer Camp with the Army Reserves.


2008 Christmas Party Picture - Class of 1956

     Left to right: Pat Robbins, Jim Webb, Emily Jopling, Shirley Brewer, Tony Fekany, Mary Fullerton, Bill Thompson, Jimmy Couch, Vann Burney and Buddy Ray Turner.  James Harrell, Joel Varn and Mary Kay Daniel attended, but missed picture.


2009 Christmas Party Picture - Class of 1956

    Left to right: Jimmy Couch, Kay King, Larry Heinke, Bill Thompson, Vann Burney, Mary Fullerton Clark, Tony Fekany, Shirley Brewer Yost, Buddy Ray Turner, Jim Webb and Jack Joachimi.


2010 Christmas Party Picture - Class of 1956

     (L to R) Shirley Brewer Yost, Bill Thompson, Tony Fekany, Mary Kay Daniel Hurd, Jimmy Couch, Vann Burney, Mary Fullerton Clark, Buddy Rae Turner, Carolyn Crawford Kraus and Jack Joachimi.  David Whitehead missed the picture. (Photo by Vann Burney)


2015 Christmas Party Picture - Class of 1956

(L to R)  Tony Fekany, Judy Fekany, Nan Couch with hand on table, Morris Busbia, Priscilla Parkin DeChaine, Mary Letha Fullerton Clark, Bob Clark in back with blue shirt, Vann Burney, Jim Couch, Alice Thompson and Bill Thompson.



Golf Outing and Lunch - 2006

     Clockwise: Buddy Ray Turner, Darrell Leake, Jim Webb, Chuck McKenney (Hat), Wayne "Dynamite" Rhodes, Al LaFaye, Joe Larson, David Hull, Mickey Dechman, Vann Burney, Jay Newbern, Eddie Cone and Rae Marks.



     Thanks to Art Lloyd’s saving his June 7, 1956, Edition of the Lion’s Roar,   I am able to reproduce this head line photo for you.  The picture appears to be two separate photos, but actually it is one.  The school flag pole is the dividing image.



Hogan Spring Glen 6th Grade Graduation, 1949-1950

(Photo, Laura Lee Moore)

     Front Row L to R:  Joe Davis (L), ?, Carol, Marvin Purser (L), Barbara Ann Baker, Laura Lee Moore (L), Jack Hart, Cecile Boggs, Sylvia Edenfield (L) and Jimmy Sutton (L).  Second Row: ?, ?, Billy Sloan (L), Lee Thompson (L), Wesley Scoates, Nancy Loop (L), Charles Plyler, Faye Sammons (L), Philip Davis (L) and Pat Dyle. Third Row; ?, O. B. Walling (L), Jean Stark, Gene Moss, Peggy Blackburn (L) and John Searcy.  Fourth Row: ?, Jean Dyle, ?, Sylvia Moore (L), George Story (L), Mickey ? and Leon Quan (L).

Editor's Note:  Students with an (L) by their name, later attended Landon High School.



Hendricks Ave. - Mrs. Reeder's 3rd Grade, 1946 - 1947

(Photo, Emily Jopling)

     Front Row:  Meliinda Fine (L), Carl Sasnett, Leni Bowen (L), Terry (?), Leigh Culley (L), (?), Patty Martin (L), Jimmy L. White (L), Albert Maida (L), Johnny Carraway (L) and Catherine Stevens (L).  Middle Row:  Carol Chepenik (L), Emily Jopling (L), Connie Boyd, Charles Donnellon, Vicky Thomas, Ginger Cogburn, Mary Monroe (L), Barbara Rothstein (L), Margaret "Sis" McNatt (L) and Doris Fagan (L).  Back Row:  Ronnie Gardner (L), Bill Coalson (L), Sue King, Nancy Wainwright (L), Mrs. Edna Reeder, Jeanne Heide (L), Sally Guthrie (L), Anne Olson, Eddie Porch (L) and George Orner (L). 

Editor's Note:  Students with an (L) by their name, later attended Landon High School



Southside Grammar 2nd Grade, 1944-1945 ?

(Photo, Jim Webb)

     Front Row L to R:  ?, Dick Winch (L), Sylvia Wall (L), Sylvia Rosseau, Vicky Acuff (L), Ernestine Johns (L), ?, Bea  Johnson (L), ?, ?, Peggy Casey (L) and Jim Webb (L).  Second Row: ?, Ben Boch, Eddie Acosta, Jackie Nance (L), ?, Charles Rosseau (L), Bill Lynch, Billy Fish (L), ? and ?.

                         Editor's Note:  Students with an (L) by their name, later attended Landon High School.



Arlington Elementary School

Early Photo - Probably 1940s


Arlington Elementary 3rd Grade, 1947 - 1948

(Photo, Herbert Romedy)

Front Row, L to R: ?, Thurman Highsmith, Herbert Romedy (L), ?, Nancy Loop (L), Mary Lu Longmire (L), Jeanie Stark (L), ?, ? and ?.  Second Row: ?, Mary Frances Tullous (L), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Kathy Enge (L) and Jimmy Gilmore (L).  Third Row: ?, Homer Lewis (L), ?, ?, Kenneth Parnell (L), ?, Bobbie Bastido, Bobbie Jean Rountree (L) and ?.  Fourth Row: Freddy Fulkerson (L), Bill Boss (L), ?, William Middleton (L), Mike Boss (L), Eugene Manning (L).  Fifth Row: Mrs. Frances Mulcahey, Teacher