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Landon High School - 1956

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"Get on and let's take a trip together - Down Memory Lane."

The Lone Ranger Rides Again!!!


     As a young boy, I was an avid fan of the Lone Ranger.  The sounds that you are hearing now were truly music to my ears.  For my eighth birthday, I received a Trutone push-button radio from Western Auto, and every chance I had, I would listen to the Lone Ranger.  Oh, how memorable was that spine tingling introduction with gun shots and the William Tell Overture playing in the background.  

"A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty "Hi Yo Silver!" The Lone Ranger. "Hi Yo Silver, away!" With his faithful Indian companion Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains, led the fight for law and order in the early west. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. The Lone Ranger rides again!"


Lone Ranger and Tonto
                                      Lone Ranger riding Silver                                             Lone Ranger           

History of the Lone Ranger

     The Lone Ranger was one of six Texas Rangers who were ambushed while chasing a gang of outlaws led by Butch Cavendish.  A two-timing thug who was supposed to lead the rangers to the Cavendish Gang's hideout, instead led then into a canyon ambush where all six were shot and left for dead in a gun battle.  Cavendish's Gang also shot the thug because he could not be trusted. 

     After the battle, only one Texas Ranger survived, and was discovered by Tonto, an Indian who recognized the survivor as John Reid, the Texas Ranger who had saved his life earlier.  Tonto thereafter referred to the ranger as "Kemo Sabe," which is translated as "Trusty Scout."  

     After Tonto helped Reid regain his strength, the ranger vowed to hide his identity from Cavendish and to dedicate his life to "Making the West a decent place to live."  Reid and Tonto dug an extra grave to fool Cavendish into believing all six rangers had died and Reid donned a mask to protect his identity as the single surviving ranger.     Only Tonto knew who he was ... the Lone Ranger.  

     The Lone Ranger and Tonto saved a silver-white stallion who had been gored by a buffalo.  They nursed the horse back to health and set him free, but the horse followed them.  The Lone Ranger decided to adopt the horse and named him "Silver."

     Shortly thereafter, the Lone Ranger and Tonto encountered a man who, it turns out, has been set up to take the blame for murders committed by Cavendish Gang.  They established him as caretaker in an abandoned silver mine, where he produced silver bullets for the Lone Ranger.  

     Eventually, the Cavendish gang was captured.  However, the Lone Ranger decided to keep his identity a secret.  When someone asked about the identity of the masked man, the typical response was: "I don't rightly know his real name, but I've heard him called... the Lone Ranger."

     The Lone Ranger exemplified upstanding character and righteous purpose.  He engaged in plenty of action, but his silver bullets were symbols of "Justice by Law," and were never used to kill.

     For the children's audience, the Lone Ranger represented clean living and noble effort in the cause of fighting crime.  His values and style, including his polished manners and speech, were intended to provide a positive role model.  

     The show's standard musical theme was Rossini's "William Tell Overture," accompanied by the Lone Ranger voicing a hearty "Hi-Yo, Silver, away," as he rode off in a cloud of dust.

     First Radio Broadcast was January 31, 1933, the last TV Broadcast was September 3, 1954.



                Merita Bread Sign                                                           Tonto                                                      Collectible Card                        


The Lone Ranger Creed
By Fran Striker

"I believe that to have a friend, a man must be one.

That all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.

That God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself.

In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary
for that which is right.

That a man should make the most of what equipment he has.

That "This government, of the people, by the people and for the people," shall live always.

That men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.

That sooner or later...somewhere...somehow...
we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.

That all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever. In my Creator, my country, my fellow man."


Child's "Lone Ranger" Guitar


The Last Stops Before Going Home

The Krystal Drive-In on Atlantic Blvd. - 1955


Texas Drive-In on San Marco Blvd. - About 1970

Atlantic Drive-In Theater


      Adjacent to the Atlantic, but hidden from view in this picture, were Hope Haven Hospital and Uncle Joe's Drive-In where you could buy a 25 cent, foot-long hot dog and share it with your date in their dimly lit parking lot.

     The Atlantic Drive-In was sold in the 1970s for commercial development, and a Publix Super Market was built on the site. 

"Revenge of the Creature"

This movie had one scene filmed inside the Lobster House Restaurant. - 1955


Lobster House and Jacksonville Skyline                  Movie Poster            Creature from the Black Lagoon

"The King" Performs in Jacksonville - 1956


Elvis - Florida Theater                               Elvis' Fans - Florida Theater                                Elvis Poster       



      Fans buying $1.50 Elvis Tickets                                    Florida Theater                Preacher Denouncing Elvis as "Too Risqué"


                         Florida Theater                                              Sun Label - Before RCA                 Boot Camp - March 1958

The Late 1950s - Rock and Roll was Here to Stay!


   Everly Brothers                               Jerry Lee Lewis                                  Little Richard



                    Fats Domino                                    Chuck Berry                        Buddy Holley and The Crickets



Cowboys and their Horses


Roy Rogers & Trigger     Hopalong Cassidy & Topper       Gene Autry & Champion              Lone Ranger & Silver

Television Westerns


                        "Paladin"                            "Bonanza"                             "The Rifleman"                           "Davy Crockett"                

Do You Remember?


S & H Green Stamps                           Poodle Skirts                            Chlorophyll                                 Coppertone              



  Panty Raids                           Drive-In Movies ('56 Chevy)               Telephone Booth Stuffing          3-D Movies



Flying Saucers                             Fender Skirts & White Wall Tires                Hula Hoops

 Television Shows


     Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob      "Mickey Mouse Club"                "Beverly Hillbillies"                  "I Love Lucy"                



      "The Honeymooners"                                            "Amos 'N Andy"                                     "American Bandstand"



'56 Chevy Corvette                                                                              '56 Ford Thunderbird



'56 Ford Victoria                                                                           '53 Jaguar XK-120



'56 Chevy Bel Air 2-Door Hard Top                         '55 Olds 4-Door Hard Top with "Flipper" Hub Caps


'57 Buick Special 2-Door Hard Top

South Jacksonville


San Marco Square - About 1940



Little Theater - About 1953                                                 San Marco Theater



Fuller Warren Bridge - About 1960                             Fuller Warren Bridge Toll Plaza - About 1960



Gulf Life Building - About 1968                                           Oriental Gardens - About 1950



Lane's San Marco Soda Fountain                 Gulf Station across from San Marco Theater



Southside Branch Library - 1956                                 San Jose Country Club - About 1955



Planter's Peanut's - Arlington Expry. - 1955                    Wolfies Restaurant at Southgate Plaza



Bono's Sign - 1949                                                 Mathews Bridge - 1953


Kings Avenue - The Heartbeat of Hwy. US 1 South 


                              Green Turtle Restaurant                                                                Biser's Restaurant - 2300 Kings Ave.



    Barnes Motor Court - 2414 Kings Ave.                                  Mount Vernon Motor Lodge - 3201 Kings Ave.



         Patio Court - 3150 Kings Ave.                                   El Verano Motor Court - 2415 Kings Ave.



Coral Lodge - 3032 Kings Ave.                                               Horne Motel - 3436 Kings Ave.



Beautyrest Cabins - US 1 South - Bayard, Fla.              Green Acres Motor Court - 3437 Kings Ave.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida


                Boardwalk and Pier - About 1953                                      Roller Coaster and Boardwalk - About 1940



Life Guard Station - About 1940                                     Beach Blvd. Crossover - About 1953



                   Beach Scene - About 1957                                           Amusement Rides - About 1940



City Auditorium - About 1960                                             City Band Shell - About 1960



Beach Scene with 1957 Corvette                                           Mac's Shack looking South        


Casa Marina Apartments

Mayport, Florida - South Jetty


       Surf Fishing                                                             Ships entering St. Johns River



Kelly's Fish Camp                                                        Renting a Fishing Pole



          Strickland's Restaurant - About 1958                      St. Johns River Ferry Docking at Mayport - 1952

Downtown Jacksonville

Major Hotels


Roosevelt                                         Mayflower                          George Washington                       Seminole



Atlantic Coast Line Building                                                Greyhound Bus Station



Hemming Plaza - Looking West                                                Federal Building               


Robert Meyer Hotel and Confederate Memorial                                First Baptist Church                 



  Lynch Building                               Main Street - Looking South                             Park Lane Apartments



           Furchgott's - W. Adams and Hogan Streets           Levy's and Furchgott's - Cor. W. Adams & Hogan Sts.



West Forsyth Street                                                                      Train Station



Jacksonville City Jail - Before 1958                                   Duval County Jail - Before 1958           



Haydon Burns Library                                                           Cohen Brothers Dept. Store


Lane's - Corner of Main and Forsyth Streets               JC Penney - Corner Main and Bay Streets - 1942



              City Parking Lot - About 1956                                City Parking Lot - Hurricane Dora in 1964



Imperial Theater                                         Imperial Theater                                   Arcade Theater - 1936

Duval County


Little Train at the Jacksonville Zoo                                            Little Train in Mandarin                   



Jacksonville Coliseum - About 1960                           Jacksonville Sports Complex - About 1960



Jackson High School Flying Confederate Flag - 1942                           DuPont High School - About 1960                   



Imeson Airport - Boarding Area                                        Imeson Airport - Main Entrance



Riverside Chevrolet - Day                                               Riverside Chevrolet - Night



              NAS Jacksonville - Main Gate                              Navy Planes over St. Johns River - About 1950



St. Vincent's Hospital - 1942                                               Main Street Car Lot - About 1955

St. Augustine, Florida


              Bridge of Lions                                           Tradewinds Lounge - about 1960

Old "Daytona 500" Beach-Road Course Race


                              North Turn                                                Legend Glenn "Fireball" Roberts



Beach Version of Pit Row                                             Hudson "Hornet" Race Car

Fernandina Beach, Florida


Ocean Pier and Recreation Center                                                    Palace Saloon                   



Gold Head Branch State Park -1950                                                       Sea-Bo Wine Sign                



Stuckey's - Hilliard, Florida - About 1945                                         Stuckey's Pecan Shoppe                  



      Swisher Cigar Plant - Jacksonville, Florida       Sheriff Dale Carson inspects first Radar Gun - 1960

1950s Slang

SLANG/LINGO: Of all the fads that came and went in the '50s, perhaps the oddest was the disorientation of the English language. Words sometimes performed complete 180-degree turns in the course of the decade; thus, hot in 1950 soon changed to cool ... real gone became the most, what was in became out, and soon way, way out was just about as in as one could get.

Teen-Age Lingo

· COOL (also "neat" "smooth" - worthy of approval; as a noun, it denoted poise or self-assurance.

· HANG LOOSE (also "negative perspiration") - no sweat, don't worry.

· HAIRY - formidable, as in a hairy exam.

· CLUTCH - to panic, or lose one's cool.

· YO-YO (also "square" "nerd" "turkey" "spastic" "nose-bleed") - a dull person; an outsider.

· BLAST-OFF - to go away, get lost, drop dead (also "DDT" for "drop dead twice")

· DRAG - anything, or anybody, that was considered dreary.

· WHEELS - a car.

· PASSION PIT - a drive-in movie.

· GROUNDED - unable to borrow the family wheels to take a hot date to the passion pit.

· SARC - sarcastic; a sarc remark would be "Wanna lose ten ugly pounds? Cut off your head."

· HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR - the sarc response to someone else's bad joke.

· CRAZY (also "frantic" "the most") - wonderful, great; or a general response to anything said.

· DIG - (also "dig it") to understand, appreciate, or even notice, as in "Dig that crazy blonde."

· EAT IT - to let someone know you weren’t interested or didn’t believe what they were saying..

· CAT (also "stud") - a person who dug; any man.

· DOG - a song that did not make it.

· GONE (also "cool" "groovy" "far out" "the end") - the superlative of crazy.

· FLIP - to become enthusiastic, as in "The cat really flipped over the chick."

· HIP - aware; a cat who dug was hip.

· HIPPY – A person who was super-cool and so far out that he appeared in another world.

· BREAD (also "geetus" "green" "M") - money.

· MEAN (also "tough" "terrible") - words that replaced "crazy" to signify the greatest

· AXE - any musical instrument, from a saxophone to a piano.

· BLOW - to play a musical instrument, as in "He blows a mean piano."

· CHICK - a girl. An unattractive chick was a "bear" and a fat chick was known as "heavy cream".

· MONKEY - a music critic. (He sees no music, hears no music, and digs no music.)

· LOWERING - Lowering the back end of a car to give the hood a raised look.

· DRAG - a race from a standing start.

· TOP END – the fastest speed that a car would run.

· BOMB (also "screamer" "stormer" "hack" "draggin wagon") - a souped-up car, or hot rod.

· RAKING (also "dagoing") - lowering the front end of a car to give it a stream-lined look.

· CHOPPING - lowering the roof of a car to give it a chopped top.

· SKINS - tires; if they were whitewalls, they were called "snowballs".

· DUALS (also "stacks" "pipes" "Hollywoods") - a special exhaust system.

· MILL - The motor in a car.

· REV - Pushing the gas pedal while stopped with the clutch engaged to increase engine RPMs.

To some the universal language in the '50s was not English ... it was Pig Latin! When speaking Pig Latin, you form words by taking the initial consonant of an English word and moving it to the end of that word, then adding "-ay" after the consonant. Thus, "You must be kidding!" would be fashioned "Youay ustmay ebay iddingkay!"

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