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Our Alma Mater

Landon High School - 1956

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     In the early 1920s, the only public Senior High School in Jacksonville, Florida was the old Duval High School, located on Ocean Street in downtown Jacksonville.  High school students living in South Jacksonville were forced to cross the St. Johns River via a ferry to attend Duval High.

     As the population of Duval County grew and moved to the suburbs, it was apparent that Duval County's School System needed to be expanded.  The educational decision-makers decided to build three new high schools throughout the country.  Andrew Jackson was built to serve Downtown and Northside, Robert E. Lee to serve the Westside, and South Jacksonville to serve the City of South Jacksonville.

     This is a circa 1925 architect's rendition of the new South Jacksonville Junior and Senior High School.  In 1927, South Jacksonville was renamed "Landon" in honor of Miss Julia Landon, the first teacher in South Jacksonville who taught at a time when the only educational facility there was a one-room, one-teacher school house.  

Landon High School - 50 Years After Graduation


1956 Photo                                                        2006 Photo

Landon High School - 2006 Photos


                      Lions Guarding Entrance                                Lions Guarding Entrance                       Beautiful Stone and Brick Work



                      Beautiful Stone Work                                       Lions Guarding Entrance                          Beautiful Stone and Brick Work



                   North View - Auditorium                                              School Sign                                      South View - Gym and Cafeteria

Julia Landon College Preparatory School - 2008

     This banner is proudly displayed just inside the main entrance to the school.

Class of 1964

     The Class of 1964 donated this plaque which is located above the main entrance to Landon on Thacker Avenue.  It reads:




Veteran's Appreciation Monument

This monument is located on the front lawn of the school.

Principal's Recognition Plaque

This Plaque is located on the wall at the main entrance to Landon.


Landon Alma Mater

                                                            We hail thee, Alma Mater

                                                            Our praise we sing to thee.

                                                            Your Standards and your honor

                                                            Will live on through time to be.


                                                            We're proud to bear your colors,

                                                            Your banners e're will fly,

                                                            And the name of dear old Landon

                                                            Will never, never die!

Colors: Orange and Black

Nickname: Lions

Landon Memorabilia


Kay Jewelers on West Forsyth Street gave Landon Girls a free graduation gift, one of these pendants.  


Kay Jewelers on West Forsyth Street gave Landon Boys a free graduation gift, one of these tie clasp.   


Landon "Spirit" Pins were worn to show support for various athletic teams.


                                                          25th Reunion Key Ring                   Unique 40th Reunion Name Tags

1956 Landon Decal


Landon Decal

1956 Graduation Events


Prom Dance Card                    Commencement                   Graduation Events

1956 Diploma

Landon Diplomas were issued for General, College Preparatory and Business Preparatory Curriculums.

1956 Landon Administrators


Mike Houser, Dean of Boys                       George H. Wood, Principal                      Orra Eastburn, Dean of Girls

The Landon High Class of 1956


Valedictorian                                        Salutatorian


Sally Guthrie                                        Martha Wilder



       Bob Williams, President        Bobbie Rountree, Vice-President        Eleanor Yeager, Secretary             David Mizrahi, Treasurer


   Most Fun                                                         Most Intellectual                                                Most Athletic


   Glenn Sharpe & Patty Mickey                           Albert Holt & Emily Jopling                       Bob Swindell & Helen Stanley


                 Best All Around                                             Most Attractive                                            King and Queen


                        Bill Boss & Jackie Soud                        Bill Coalson & Mary Monroe                     Mickey Dechman & Malinda Dixon


Most Talented                                  Most Likely To Succeed


      Bob Sandlin & Beti Seay                Jack Sapolsky & Mary Ann McManis


Yearbook: Landonian



 Mary Ann McManis, Editor-in-Chief         Front Cover - 1956 Landonian

Newspaper: Lion's Roar


     Clifford Landers, Editor-in-Chief                                                       1956 Heading for Lion's Roar                                                                   

National Honor Society


Emily Jopling, President


1956 Big 10 Conference Football Co-Champions

     Players pictured above are, front row, left to right: Glenn Johnson, Glenn Sharp, Bobby Purser, Jim Couch, Jim Gilmore, Bob Harris, Wayne Rhodes, Al La Faye, Johnny Carraway, Fred Nelson, Rae Marks, Billy Carroll, Jerry Adams and Tommy Muhlbauer.  Middle row: Bill McKenney, Allen Neville, Gene Manning, Art Lloyd, George Story, Jay Newbern, Mickey Dechman, Bill Boss, Bob Hutchinson, Bill Coalson, Dana Austin, Ricky Guttery, Larry Cicale, Sonny Giles and Norwood Redding.  Back row: Larry Ebersol, Homer Lewis, Ronald Gardner, David Whitehead, Jim Searcy, Darrell Leake, Van Fletcher, Fred Weinberg, Joe Smith, Ed Porch, Chuck McKenney, James Carter, Jerry Hartz, Robert Mette, Tony Fekany, Joe Larson, Ed Cone, Billy Altman, Bill Carlton and Bob Swindell.

     "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Head Football Coach Barney "The Bear" Searcy



  Bob Swindell and his 3-Year Varsity Football Sweater



   Meninak Game Football Charm                     Football Game Program                   1956 Football Trophy


     The above picture came from the Sports Section in the September 17, 1953, Edition of, "The Florida Times-Union," Jacksonville, Florida.  It appeared in an article that heralded the opening of Landon's Football Schedule against Edgewater High of Orlando in the Gator Bowl.

     Part of this article was missing, but what I had did name different players.  Classmate George Story was mentioned as one of the Guards expecting to see playing time--quite an accomplishment for a true Freshman.

Two Lions who cared to save the past


Darrell Leake                                                Bob Swindell

     Circa 2000, The administration at Landon decided to auction off the old trophies from the days when Landon was a Jr. - Sr. High.  The auction was held in the school auditorium.  Bob Swindell was the successful bidder for the 1956 Big 10 Co-Championship Football Trophy, and Darrell Leake was the successful bidder for the 1956 Big 10 Championship Basketball Trophy.  Thanks to Bob and Darrell, you are able to view these trophies on our web site. 

1956 Big 10 Conference Basketball Champions

     Players pictured above are, front row, left to right: Bob Swindell, Ray Schultz, Eddie Cone, David Hicks and Ray Swain. Back row: Coach Warner, Bob Mette, Harold Zellner, James Carter, Darrell Leake and Ray Swain, Mgr.



1956 Championship Trophy               Varsity Sweater                          Basketball Charm                 


1956 Class AA, Group 2 District Baseball Champions

The 1956 Baseball Team Members

     Coach Keith Ross; Players:  Eddie Cone, Kenneth Drury, Jimmy Gilmore, Bobby Harris, Darrell Leake, Gene Manning, Bill McKenny, Chuck McKenny, Bob Mette, Dana Mizelle, Stewart Murdoch, Wayne Rhodes and Bob Swindell.  Managers Dick Steeves and Jerry James

Girls Athletic Association

Cathy Stewart was awarded this letter as a member of the GAA "Letter Club."



Honoring our Vietnam Veterans

From the Landon Class of 1956

              "All gave some, some gave all"

CW3 James "Jim" Boyer, U. S. Army Helicopter Pilot

1956 Landonian Photo

Jim was stationed 60 miles Southwest of Saigon in Vin Long Province along the Mekong River.


          Air Medal                   Purple Heart         Vietnam Campaign      Vietnamese Cross

Robert W. "Bobby" Duguid, U. S. Army Chaplain

1956 Landonian Photo

6th Infantry Division, Chu Lai Province

  Vietnam Campaign

M/Sgt. Richard Craig, US Air Force


1956 Landonian Photo

Richard was a "Fire Control Radar Tech" who served one tour at Da Nang AFB in Da Nang Province, Viet Nam and three tours at different AFBs in Thailand from 1963 through 1973.


Air Force Commendation      National Defense         Vietnam Campaign

Lt. Col. William R. Gardner, U. S. Army Medical Corps


1956 Landonian Photo

Medical Doctor, 25th Infantry Division


Vietnam Campaign     Combat Medical Badge           Bronze Star             

Capt. James Harrell, U. S. Army Medical Corps

1956 Landonian Photo

Medical Doctor, 25th Infantry Division, Cu Chi Province


        Vietnam Campaign           National Defense Service     Army Commendation

1967 Photo of Harrell emerging from a Viet Cong Tunnel in Cu Chi Province, Vietnam

Capt. Jack Sapolsky, U. S. Army Medical Corps

1956 Landonian Photo

Medical Doctor, 3rd Corps, Military Assistance Command, 1965 & 1966 in Xuan Loc Province


       Vietnam Campaign               Bronze Star

T/Sgt. Ronald Thomas, U. S. Air Force

1956 Landonian Photo

Phu Cat AFB, Binh Dinh Province


       Vietnam Campaign               Bronze Star


If you know of a classmate who needs to be added, please contact the editor.

25th Reunion - 1981

Date:  July 3, 4 & 5

Where:  Sheraton at St. Johns Place Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida

The poor quality of this photo makes it impossible to identify every classmate - Editor

 25th Reunion Committee   

     Vann Burney, Susan Crutchfield, Kathy Enge, Kay Fleming, Bill Gillespie, Jack Gillrup, Joan Glickstein, Larry Heinke, Bob Hutchinson, Henry Harris, Claudia Hill, David Hull, Al LaFaye, Darrell Leake, Homer Lewis, Mike Lissner, Chuck McKenny, Jim McMurry, David Mizrahi, Mike Molter, Deanna Moss, Joan Parvin, Freddie Love Smith, George Story, Bob Swindell, Bill Thompson, Dick Winch and Charles Zimmerman.

30th Reunion - 1986

 35th Reunion - 1991

Date:  August 9, 10 & 11

Where:  Jacksonville Hotel (formerly the Hilton) in Jacksonville, Florida

     Fifty-three classmates and five faculty members appear in this picture.  Left to right, Front Row (Kneeling):  Barbara Lewis, Bob Hutchinson, Joe DeSalvo, Art Lloyd, Bill Thompson, Vann Burney, Bob Swindell, Wayne Rhodes, Bob Harris, Al LaFaye and Jimmy Gilmore.  Second Row (Sitting):  Mary Letha Fullerton, Sandra Birdseye, William Sasser(?) (faculty), Florence Crutchfield (faculty), Wilma Simmons (faculty), Anne Richardson (faculty), Clarence Barkey (faculty), Susan Crutchfield and Jack Gillrup.  Third Row (Standing):  Gail Quarterman, David Mizrahi, Deanna Moss, Emily Jopling, Sandra Nelson, Pat Ney, Shirley Brewer, Pat Robbins, Norma Sarra, Nancy Wainwright, Claudia Hill, Kay Steeves, ???, Jeanie Solomon, James Harrell, ???, Tony Fekany, Germaine Redding, Joan Parvin, ??? and ???.  Fourth Row (Standing):  Fred Wienbarg, Mike Lissner(?), Larry Heinke, ???, Eddie Porch(?), Jim Webb, Herbert Romedy, Leonard Steyerman, Laurina Ford(?), Kay King(?), Martha Wilder, ???, Mickey Dechman, David Hull, Larry Cicale(?), Bubba Redding and Jimmy Boyer. 

If you can help me with the unidentified people in this picture, please call or e-mail me.


 40th Reunion - 1996

Where:  Mandarin Ramada Inn in Jacksonville, Florida



     Fifty-Six classmates appear in this picture.  Left to Right, Bottom Row (Kneeling or Sitting):  Glenn Sharpe, Joe DeSalvo, Sandra Birdseye, Kay Steeves, Barbara Lewis, Chuck McKenny, Vann Burney, Joan Parvin, Malinda Dixon, Prissy Parkin, Mary Monroe, (man in plaid shirt?) and Claudia Hill.  Second Row (Standing):  Bob Swindell, Norma Sarra, David Mizrahi, Gail Quarterman, Tony Fekany, Charles Zimerman (Between Fekany and La Faye), Al Lafaye, Deanna Moss (purple dress), Dick Winch (yellow jacket), (man behind Mary Letha?), (girl in turquoise dress?), (Shirley Brewer, Marion Clark (in white dress), Bob Hutchinson(?), Art Lloyd (white tee shirt), Prissy Parkin(?) and Bob Harris.  Third Row (Standing):  Jeanne Solomon, James Harrell(?), Jim Webb, Morris Busbia (behind Swindell?), (???) (behind Norma Sarra), (???), (???), (???), (???) (behind Gail Quarterman), Mike Lissner, Al LaFaye, (???), (???), (???), (???) (???) and (???).  Fourth Row (Standing):  Jimmy Gilmore, Bill Swain, Fred Wienbarg, Wayne "Dynamite" Rhodes, John Somers, Rae Marks, Bill Thompson, Mickey Dechman, Albert Holt, Susan Crutchfield, and (???) (man in white shirt).     


If you can help me with the unidentified people in this picture or make a correction, please call or e-mail me.


 45th Reunion - 2001

Date:  June 8 & 9

Where:  Radisson Ponce de Leon Resort in St. Augustine, Florida

      Thirty-two classmates and one faculty member appear in this picture.  Left to Right, Bottom Row (Seated):  Alyce Clements, Rochelle Robin, Nancy Wainwright, Malinda Dixon, Sandra Birdseye, Mary Lu Longmire, Pat Robbins, Kay King and Patty Mickey.  Second Row (Standing):  Mary Letha Fullerton, Jo-Ann Agrilla, Vann Burney, Jay Newbern, David Hull, Claudia Hill, Bill Thompson, Fred Fulkerson, Homer Lewis, Tony Fekany, Earl Silas (faculty), Shirley Brewer and Fred Wienbarg.  Back Row (Standing):  Richard Craig, James Harrell, Morris Busbia, Chuck McKenny, Al LaFaye, Joe DeSalvo, Jim Couch, Tommy Muhlbauer, Bob Harris, Larry Cicale and Mickey Dechman.


 50th Reunion - 2006

Date:  June 2, 3 & 4

Where:  Crowne Plaza Hotel (formerly the Hilton) in Jacksonville, Florida

     Seventy-four classmates appear in this picture.  Left to Right, Bottom Row:  Kay King, Larry Cicale, Malinda Dixon, Kay Steeves, Shirley Haynie, Kay Fleming, Sylvia Edenfield, Sandra Gelbman, Joan Glickstein, Missy Wilson, Eleanor Yeager, Sandra Birdseye, Barbara Lewis, Gail Quarterman, Mary Lu Longmire, Joe DeSalvo, Jill Savitz, Shirley Brewer, Mary Kay Daniel, Judy NeSmith and Pat Robbins; Second Row, Rae Marks, Leonard Steyerman, Jackie Wurn, Tony Fekany, Sandra Nelson, Ethel Wimberly, Judy Perry, Jim Couch, Bobby Duguid, Mary Monroe, Morris Busbia, David Mizrahi, Dick Winch, Jim Hernandez, Bobby Harris and Chuck McKenny; Third Row, Fred Fulkerson, Ronald Gardner, Nancy Wainwright, Mike Boss, Cathy Stewart, Jim Webb, James Harrell, Priscilla Parkin, Clifford Landers, Chicha Pagano, Jay Newbern, Bob Swindell and Jeanie Solomon; Fourth Row, Geri Lavoro, Toby Markowitz, Claudia Hill, David Whitehead, Jerry Adams, Billy Carroll, Albert Holt, Deanna Moss and Bill Thompson; Top Row, Buddy Rae Turner, Mary Letha Fullerton, Sandra Jones, David Hull, Gene Manning, Bob Hutchinson, Richard Craig, Joel Varn, Jim Boyer, Germaine Redding, Bubba Redding, Mike Lissner, Walter Green, Vann Burney and Martha Wilder.

     Gaye Jackson attended the Saturday Night Banquet, but missed the class picture.

     Three classmates attended the Friday Night cruise, but did not return for the Saturday Night Banquet or class picture.  They were Henry Harris, Norma Gebhard and Barbara Sammons.

50th Reunion Recap

     The 50th Reunion is history!  This was the very best reunion that I have attended.  Everyone seemed so excited and pleased to find old friends.  I know for some classmates, this was their first reunion, and they were very pleased with their decision to attend.

     At the registration table, classmates received their reunion packets that contained a classmate’s directory prepared by Sandie and Joe DeSalvo featuring some Dick Winch original drawings, a CD produced by Joe DeSalvo of ”Landon on Parade,” which was originally produced by the Landonian Staff in 1956 as a 45 RPM Record that chronologically described school events during our Senior Year and pictured name badges.   

     There were about 130 classmates and guests who attended our Saturday Night Banquet.

     Tony Fekany emceed our Saturday Night Program and did a very nice job of keeping all events on schedule. 

     Saturday Evening started with a cocktail party in the Crowne Room.  Then, we went outside to the pool area for our class picture.  After our picture, we went to the St. Johns Room where Jim Webb presented a Power Point slide show remembering our 51 deceased classmates, followed by  a second Power Point slide show featuring places we remembered growing up in Jacksonville, including a 1955 photo of the Krystal on Atlantic Blvd and a picture of the Texas Drive-In on San Marco Blvd.

     Because of our large crowd, dinner was served in two rooms; both were beautifully decorated by Malinda Dixon Durham and her volunteers.  

     After Mike Boss gave the blessing, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of New York Strip Steak and Grouper with Chocolate Cheese Cake for dessert.

     During dinner, several classmates entertained us with anecdotes from their days at Landon.

     Mary Letha Fullerton was responsible for door prizes, and they were given out during dinner.  

     After dinner, the reunion committee was recognized for their work, and Committee Chairwoman Shirley Brewer Yost was given a spa gift certificate and a signed Dick Winch drawing as appreciation for her leadership.

     Jim Webb proposed a toast to the memory of our deceased classmates, and all saluted them with their champagne-filled, 50th Reunion memento wine glasses.

     After dinner, dancing and socializing was enjoyed by those who visited the Crowne Room where the DJ took musical requests from the crowd.

50th Reunion Committee


Shirley Brewer, Co-Chair      Tony Fekany, Co-Chair        Sandra Birdseye                     Vann Burney                         Jim Couch         


      Joe DeSalvo                      Malinda Dixon              Mary Letha Fullerton              Chuck McKenny                    Jay Newbern    



        Pat Robbins                        Bill Thompson                    Buddy Rae Turner                       Jim Webb                            Dick Winch          

50th Reunion Directory


Cover by Dick Winch                  Joe and Sandie DeSalvo, Co-Editors                        Dick Winch, Art Editor

     This nifty directory was researched and edited by Joe and Sandie DeSalvo.  It contained Landon Historical Information, Classmates Names and Contact Information.  The excellent art work was created by Dick Winch, still remembered for his contributions to our 1956 Landonian.


55th Landon Class of 1956 Reunion



60th Landon Class of 1956 Reunion

Front Row Seated L to R: Bill Coalson;  Bob Harris, Longwood, FL;  Prissy Parkin DeChanie, Welaka, FL:  Jim Webb;  Kay Steeves Morin, Orlando, FL;  Shirley Brewer Yost;  Sandra Jones Manning, Houston, TX;  Judy NeSmith Reid;  Rochelle Robin Siegel, Chevy Chase, MD;  Toby Markowitz Ringel;  Phyllis Knox Smith;  Kathy Enge Barket and Bill Swain. 

     Middle Row Standing L to R: Sandra Birdseye DeSalvo, St. Petersburg, FL;   Mary Kay Daniel Hurd, Atlantic Beach, FL;  Peggy Blackburn Schultz, Blairsville, GA;  Mary Letha Fullerton Clark and Joe DeSalvo, St. Petersburg, FL. 

     Back Row Standing L to R: Morris Busbia, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL;  Bill Boss, Boynton Beach, FL;  James Harrell, Stuart, FL;  Ethel Wimberly Leverock; James Hernandez, The Villages, FL;  Vann Burney;  Jim Couch;  Mickey Dechman, Thomasville, GA;  Richard Craig, Tampa, FL;  Buddy Ray Turner;  Martha Wilder, Thomasville, GA;  Bill Thompson;  Tony Fekany;  James Daniel, Elkton, FL;  Gene Manning, Houston, TX;  Nancy Wainwright Posner, Social Circle, GA and Fred Fulkerson. 

     Attending our reunion, but missing the class photo were Michael Lissner and Deanna Moss Lissner. 

     If you don't see an out-of-town address listed by someone's name, it's because they are living in Jacksonville. 


Do You Remember These 1954 Lions?

Listed below are students who appeared in the 1954 Landonian as members of the Sophomore Class, but do not appear in the 1956 Landonian as members of the Senior Class.

1.  Akins, Hildreth

2.  Andrew, James

3.  Anthony, John

4.  Appling, Frank

5.  Arnold, Sam

6.  Ashley, Billie June

7.  Avery, David

8.  Bach, Ken

9.  Barber, Carol

10.  Barber, Mary Ellen

11.  Barker, Robert

12.  Barnes, Bonnie (Decd.)

13.  Barry, Joan

14.  Beckum, Wally

15.  Black, Robert

16.  Blackmore, Donna

17.  Bone, Marsha

18.  Brazil, Ann

19.  Brock, Gail

20.  Brudges, Faye

21.  Cain, Alice

22.  Carlin, Fred

23.  Carter, Frank

24.  Casey, Emily

25.  Chiasson, Chris

26.  Connell, Eddie

27.  Craig, Emmett

28.  Croft, James

29.  Cundy, William

30.  Davis, Joan

31.  Davis, Myrlin

32.  Davis, Philip (Decd.)

33.  DeFoor, Marlin

34.  Dickson, Roy

35.  Dickson, Wayne

36.  Dixon, Jerry

37.  Dowling, Bob

38.  Dubyak, Preston

39.  Dunn, Dorothy

40.  Edwards, Suzanne

41.  Ellis, Bobby

42.  Elwood, R. “Rusty”

43.  Farmer, Bob

44.  Finney, Eugene  

45.  Firth, Miriam


46.  Fish, Billy

47.  Frahs, Marlene

48.  Gaillard, Ivah

49.  Garland, James

50.  Gordon, Billy

51.  Griffis, Jane

52.  Hairston, Jimmy

53.  Hammonds, Jimmy

54.  Hampton, Doris

55.  Hand, Martha

56.  Harper, Sharon

57.  Henderson, Judy

58.  Hickox, Truman

59.  Hicks, Darlene

60.  Holley, Van

61.  Horning, Suzanne

62.  Hughes, Sonja

63.  Hunter, Jackie

64.  Hurt, Carl

65.  Hutchinson, Frances

66.  Ivey, Shirley Ann

67.  Jefferies, Bobby

68.  King, Sue (Kay)

69.  Lane, Ruby

70.  Lange, Roma

71.  Lavoro, Geraldine

72.  Leach, Richard (Decd.)

73.  Leake, Peggy

74.  Lee, Delores

75.  Lee, Patsy

76.  Livings, Patricia

77.  Lott, John

78.  Mann, Kenneth

79.  McClendon, Hope

80.  McCook, Billy

81.  McLanahan, J. R.

82.  Meek, Thomas

83.  Merkle, Gus (Decd.)

84.  Middleton, Vern

85.  Neimeyer, Terry

86.  O’Neal, Betty J.

87.  Pais, Robert

88.  Parker, Betty

89.  Phillips, Bette

90.  Pickens, Richard


91.  Plyler, Charles R.

92.  Powell, Byron

93.  Purser, Bobby

94.  Redd, Patricia

95.  Roberts, Carl

96.  Rodd, Pat

97.  Ruben, Dick

98.  Rudd, Sherman

99.  Self, Frances

100.  Seymour, Delores

101.  Shaw, Sandy

102.  Shepherd, Gilbert

103.  Spiller, Nina

104.  Stager, Carol

105.  Steed Patsy

106.  Stein, David

107.  Stephins, Marilyn

108.  St. John, Betty

109.  Stone, Jackie

110.  Taylor, Minnie Lee

111.  Thompson, Richard

112.  Tillis, Joyce

113.  Tindall, Louise

114.  Tomchuck, Gene

115.  Vann, John

116.  Wall, Graham

117.  Wall, Sylvia

118.  Walling, O. B. (Decd.)

119.  Ward, Charles

120.  Warrell, Dick

121.  Waters, Ronnie

122.  Weber, Lewis

123.  Welch, Judy

124.  Westbrook, Tommy

125.  Whetstone, Jeanette

126.  Williams, Claire

127.  Williams, Cora Ann

128.  Williams, Faye

129.  Williams, Gerald

130.  Williams, Sancy

131.  Williams, Teddy

132.  Wingate, Charles

133.  Woodruff, Roberta

134.  Worth, Peggy

135.  Wurn, Jackie

Do You Remember These 1955 Lions?

Listed below are students who appeared in the 1955 Landonian as members of the Junior Class, but do not appear in the 1956 Landonian as members of the Senior Class.

1.  Akins, Hildreth

2.  Appling, Franklin

3.  Arnold, Sam

4.  Barber, Joyce

5.  Barber, Mary Ellen

6.  Barker, Robert

7.  Barnes, Bonnie (Decd.)

8.  Barry, Joan

9.  Becks, Louise

10.  Beckum, Wally

11.  Black, Robert

12.  Blackmore, Donna

13.  Bush, Doris

14.  Casey, Emily

15.  Crook, Clifford

16.  Cundy, William

17.  Davis, Philip (Decd.)

18.  Davis, Rose Marie

19.  DeCastro, Sandra

20.  DeFoor, Marlin

21.  Dunn, Dorothy


23.  Edwards, Bill

24.  Edwards, Norman “Bit”

25.  Farley, Doris

26.  Filkosky, Donna

27.  Finney, Eugene

28.  Foster, Richard

29.  Garland, James

30.  Hardy, Thomas

31.  Herndon, James

32.  Hicks, Darlene

33.  Hughes, Sonja

34.  Hunter, Jackie

35.  Ivey, Shirley Ann

36.  Jacques, Tom

37.  Leach, Richard (Decd.)

38.  Leake, Peggy

39.  Lee, Patsy

40.  Lewis, Rosemary

41.  Long, Kathryn

42.  McGill, Ray

43.  Middleton, Vern


44.  Milord, Dee Ann

45.  Perkins, Gwen

 46.  Percer, Robert

47.  Plyler, Charles

48.  Resnick, Arnold

49.  Seigler, Harry

50.  Shaw, Sandy

51.  Simmons, Faye

52.  Smith, Jerry

53.  Spiller, Nina

54.  Starling, Shirley

55.  Stone, Jackie

56.  Tindall, Louise

57.  Vann, John

58.  Vickeri, Frank

59.  Walling, O. B. (Decd.)

60.  White, Joanne

61.  Williams, Gerald

62.  Williams, Sancy

63.  Williams, Teddy

64.  Wurn, Jackie

That's All for Now, More is Coming!

Jim Webb, Editor


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